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Hattie Larlham’s I Am Able Campaign Spotlights Abilities of Employees with Disabilities


Visit the I Am Able website to learn how you can show your support for employees with disabilities. 

To coincide with National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month, Hattie Larlham’s “I Am Able” campaign encourages companies to hire people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and aims to create awareness about what people with disabilities can accomplish in the workplace.

“People with disabilities seeking employment are everyday heroes who work hard and want to earn success in the workforce,” said Laura Walker, director of employment services at Hattie Larlham. “The purpose of this campaign is to showcase their abilities and to help them to find meaningful employment that will benefit them and the employers who hire them.”

Social media will be a principal component of the campaign, with Hattie Larlham using Facebook, Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn to showcase employees with disabilities and their employers. Hattie Larlham will be broadcasting Facebook Live sessions at various worksites that employ people with disabilities throughout the month. The organization encourages social media users to use the #IAmAble hashtag when posting about National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month.

“There are a lot of ways people can get involved to help,” Walker said. “Everything from hiring an employee with a disability at your company to donating to Hattie Larlham to sharing Hattie Larlham’s social media posts will all help to support the people with intellectual and disabilities in Ohio seeking employment.”

Hattie Larlham first launched the “I Am Able” campaign last October and is reintroducing it this year with an increased focus on placing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities into integrated work sites in the community. One way this vision is being achieved is by forming relationships with local employers to integrate workers with disabilities into their workforce. It is a relationship that is of mutual benefit to the local company, fulfilling a hiring need and the person with a disability, obtaining gainful employment. The opportunity has the potential of turning into long term employment. Companies such as GOJO and Applied Medical Technologies have established integrated work environments and support employing people with disabilities at their work sites, along with many others in the area.

“Hattie Larlham always strives to empower people with disabilities to be valued members of their community,” Walker said. “Work is special in that it establishes a commonality between people with and without disabilities. When you’re working side-by-side, everyone is functioning as one team toward a shared objective.”

For more information about the campaign, visit http://iamable.hattielarlham.org.