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Hattie Larlham hosts 12 Days of Giving


Day 12 – DECEMBER 24

Games (board, card, etc.)
Games are a great way to bring people with and without disabilities together. Not only do games provide entertainment, they encourage socialization, and many offer the added benefit of education. Give the gift of fun, laughter and learning and help us raise funds to purchase board games and cards for the people we serve.

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Hattie Larlham hosts 12 Days of Giving from Dec. 13-24. Each day we will feature a new gift that you can purchase for someone with disabilities. Whether you give one day or several days, your donation supports recreational, social and community inclusion needs of the people we serve.

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Day 1 – December 13

Learning toys
Learning toys provide educational entertainment while increasing visual attention, encouraging body movement and stimulating the senses. These toys teach children colors, letters, animal sounds and vocabulary. While they are not dissimilar to toys found at your local retail store, the toys use adaptive technology which makes it possible for people with disabilities to operate them on their own. Your gift today creates opportunities for children at Hattie Larlham to learn and play.


Art/Craft supplies

Art is a great way for people with and without disabilities to explore their talent and express themselves. Every day, people at Hattie Larlham engage in creative activities including painting, sculpting and craft projects. As our art classes expand into the community in 2017, we will need more art and craft supplies to ensure that artists have all the supplies they need to create their next masterpiece.


Adaptive switches
While this equipment may look like a simple button, for someone with disabilities, it is much more. It is how they communicate. Adaptive switches activate toys and electronic devices. The equipment encourages choice and independence among people with disabilities. With one touch, this device enables them to use computer applications, play instruments and operate their wheelchair on their own. Adaptive switches are something Hattie Larlham will always need. Give today and empower people with disabilities to create, communicate and explore.


Visiting local attractions is a great way for people with disabilities to explore their community. Your support will fund trips to museums, zoos or amusement parks and create socialization opportunities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With your help we can purchase annual passes for local attractions and ensure that everyone who chooses can share the experience.


Watching their favorite TV show or seeing their favorite movie before bed can help people with disabilities to relax. It may seem like a small touch, but having access to electronics makes a big difference at Hattie Larlham. Just like in any home, our electronics eventually wear out or stop working. Make a donation to help raise funds and purchase new electronics for the Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities, our community homes and Constant Companions.


Doggie Day Care items
To provide the best hands-on training for employees with disabilities at Hattie’s Doggie Day Care and Boarding, we need to have supplies on hand. Our clients entrust their pet’s care to us and our employees. Items for each pup, such as leashes and bowls and general cleaning equipment ensures our three locations are stocked and ready to provide great client care and thorough job training for people with disabilities.


iPads and accessories
More each day, we discover the benefits of modern technology for people with disabilities. For children and adults with disabilities who are non-verbal, the iPad is a great tool to communicate and learn. Many of our residents use iPads to connect with family members who live far away using, Skype. The opportunity to see their loved one whenever they want is priceless. Thanks to an endless selection of therapeutic and learning applications, and adaptive technology our residents benefit greatly from these devices.


Community trips and recreational activities
Your donation for community trips and recreational activities supports community inclusion. Hattie Larlham residents and program participants go on outings every day. Their volunteer experiences, shopping trips and days of fun create a sense of belonging. Every community trip requires funds to cover staffing, travel and food. Your support today helps people with disabilities explore new ways to get into and give back to their community.


Home appliances
Hattie Larlham teaches people with disabilities important life skills. Our residents learn to use home appliances to maintain their living space or prepare meals. It is important that we have the appliances we need on hand for our residents. Your gift today will purchase appliances needed in our community homes.


Books, movies and music
Sometimes Ohio weather doesn’t allow for a out and a day at home is safer and more comfortable for the people we serve. Having a wide selection of books, movies and music for our residents to choose from ensures they will still have an enjoyable day watching or reading about their favorite characters. The combination of books, movies and music is endless. With your help, we can provide more options for our residents to relax and enjoy time at home.

Sensory equipment
Sensory equipment is designed to stimulate one or more senses. Sensory rooms provide a gathering area for relaxation groups and a space for our residents to have alone time when it’s needed. Funds raised with your support today, will enable Hattie Larlham to create therapeutic sensory environments


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